LR2 The Mansion of Mad Professor Ludlow by James M. Ward

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LR2 The Mansion of Mad Professor Ludlow by James M. Ward

Available August 26, 2022!

This is a 28 page adventure for a group of 4 to 9 adventurers of 4th to 7th level. It comes with maps printed inside a sturdy cardstock cover that can stand on its own for use as a game screen during game play.

Designed by the legendary TSR game designer and author, James M. Ward, this adventure includes background information for players, including gamemaster notes, three level maps and associated keys, and special pregenerated player character statistics for a group of adventurous young campers. If run as part of a fantasy adventure campaign, 4 to 9 adventurers of 4th to 7th level are recommended.

A group of young campers on a week-long camping trip through the woods and wilderness get lost in the middle of a nighttime hike. As the group files through a path in the woods they suddenly come upon a mansion nestled among the trees of a small valley. A member of the group claims to have heard of the place. He says it is the mansion of the mad Professor Ludlow, and you all creep closer to take a good look.

Suddenly, from somewhere within the old house, you hear a cry of "Help! Help!" Being the good young people that you are, you all rush for the big front doors, push them open, and run inside to help the person in trouble. Who could it be—perhaps the Professor himself?

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