Free Adventures!

LEGENDS OF ROLEPLAYINGTM is a small company. Like TSR, the company that brought us DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® in the early 1970s, we live by word of mouth. In short, we need your help!

The first FIVE individual customers who post reviews or play reports on FIVE separate blogs, social media platforms, discussion groups or forums, or other internet mediums, will receive their next LEGENDS OF ROLEPLAYINGTM ADVENTURE for FREE, shipping included!

Entries are limited to one per customer and one customer per platform. Reviews or play reports must be at least 100 words long (or 100 characters on Twitter and similar texting platforms) and include a link to

In order to redeem your FREE adventure, simply email us at with your name and a link to the review or play report. You will be among the first to receive our next new release.

We request honest reviews and hope and expect to get fair criticism or praise as is warranted. Either way we will honor our promise as your feedback will make us better.