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This product uses the OSRICTM System (Oldschool System Reference and Index CompilationTM). The OSRICTM system text may be found at http://www.knights‑n‑ The OSRICTM text is copyright of Stuart Marshall. OSRICTM and Oldschool System Reference and Index CompilationTM are trademarks of Stuart Marshall and Matthew Finch and may be used only in accordance with the OSRICTM license. This product uses First Edition Bard and First Edition Monk for various references to these classes and are copyright 2014, Leonaru.

A free pdf download of the OSRICTM rules is available at the website listed above, you can also buy a downloadable pdf or print‑on‑demand copy on LuluTM (, you can buy a pdf or print copy of the original 1st edition rules at DriveThru RPGTM (, or you can simply buy a used copy of the original 1st edition books—there are literally millions of them out there!

LEGENDS OF ROLEPLAYINGTM highly recommends purchasing the excellent hardcover edition of OSRICTM from Black Blade Publishing (

While LEGENDS OF ROLEPLAYINGTM adventures are designed for use with OSRICTM, classic adventures have always transcended the system for which they were written. At LEGENDS OF ROLEPLAYINGTM we know a good adventure is a good adventure. However, to aid game masters to adopt these adventures to their own campaigns, LEGENDS OF ROLEPLAYINGTM hosts fan‑created system conversion documents at