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LR3 Valley of the Mountain Giant Thane by Paul J. Stormberg

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LR3 Valley of the Mountain Giant Thane by Paul J. Stormberg

Years ago, a band of heroes put down an invasion of giant foemen. Alas, just five years of peace has reigned and now the giant raids have begun anew—but these raids are different. Townsfolk, if any survive, are left to watch their goods, livestock, and even fellow townsfolk carried off into the trackless wastes of the mountains. Your party has girded themselves to eliminate this new threat to save your fiefs, manors, and holdings. You alone must face the—Vengeance of the Giants!

This module was originally used as the 1st LEGENDS OF ROLEPLAYINGTM tournament at Gary Con X in 2018! This version has been revised and greatly expanded. Included herein are background information for players, GameMaster notes, maps, keys, and original tournament characters. It can be used as a stand alone adventure, inserted into your ongoing campaign, or it can be used as part of the VENGEANCE OF THE GIANTS adventure trilogy: LR3 VALLEY OF THE MOUNTAIN GIANT THANE, LR4 CLOUD GARDENS OF THE OGRE MAGI LORD, and LR5 SKYKEEP OF THE CLOUD GIANT OVERLORD.

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