Welcome to Legends of Roleplaying!

LEGENDS OF ROLEPLAYINGTM grew out of the incredibly successful, LEGENDS OF ROLEPLAYINGTM TOURNAMENT featured at GARY CON each year. These highly popular adventures are now being published here through LEGENDS OF ROLEPLAYINGTM.

Our 1st adventure by master game designer, author, and founding TSR employee, Robert J. Kuntz, under a special license with the author and his estate. This historic partnership grants OSRICTM compatible publishing rights to Kuntz’s extensive catalog of adventures and original GREYHAWK CASTLE® levels used in play-testing the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® game! (See details here.)

In addition to these, all new old school adventures are being planned. But these aren't just "old school" adventures in name and appearance, they are old school adventures, heart and soul. They are written, edited, illustrated, mapped, and play-tested by the LEGENDS OF ROLEPLAYINGTM themselves. That's right, the band is getting back together!

At one point in time TSR, the company that brought us DUNGEONS & DRAGONS®  and ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® , had the magic. It had a gathering of the most talented creative people in the gaming industry. Now those former TSR creatives have recaptured their magic with adventure designs by Rob Kuntz, Jim Ward, Mike Carr, Allen Hammack, and Kevin Hendryx, cartography by Steve Sullivan, and artwork by Jeff Dee, Erol Otus, Darlene, Dave "Diesel" LaForce, Harry Quinn, and Jeff Easley.

Join us! The adventures you seek are at hand!