LR1 Beyond the Living Room by Robert J. Kuntz

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LR1 Beyond the Living Room by Robert J. Kuntz

This is a print version of a 36 page adventure for a group of 4 to 9 adventurers of 5th to 8th level. It comes with a special 4-page pull out section and maps printed inside a sturdy cardstock cover that can stand on its own for use as a game screen during game play.

Designed by the master game designer and author, founding TSR employee, Robert J. Kuntz, this is the first in a series of his adventures produced by LEGENDS OF ROLEPLAYINGTM under a special license and in association with his estate. (See details here.)

Enter a magical environment akin to Alice's journey, Through the Looking-Glass, where the common is strange and the strange common! Just beyond the door lies adventure and within the adventure lies a mystery! Explore a dimension created by a powerful artifact and the mysterious being trying to bend it to his will.

This venerable set‑piece from the ORIGINAL LAKE GENEVA CASTLE & CAMPAIGN™ is presented here as a part of GRAYFALKUN CASTLE™ but can be placed seamlessly behind any door! It has been greatly expanded by its original designer, Robert J. Kuntz. Discover The Living Room and its newly fashioned adjunct parts — The Study and The Mind Maze — herein to round out what was once a set‑piece, now turned full‑fledge adventure!

The adventure includes background information for players, including game master notes, three maps and accompanying keys, unique and peculiar magic items, heretofore unknown creatures, and pregenerated player character statistics.

Includes astonishing full color cover art by TSR legend Jeff Dee and lavish interior illustrations by acclaimed TSR fantasy artist Darlene. Also features art work by the late James Holloway along with a special tribute to his mastery. Cartography is by the incredibly talented, TSR alum, Stephen D. Sullivan.

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