Robert J. Kuntz Estate License

Partnership Announcement (August 24th, 2020): The RJK Estate and LEGENDS OF ROLEPLAYINGTM and TLB GAMES

...August 2020. The Kuntz Estate and LEGENDS OF ROLEPLAYINGTM and TLB GAMES, owned and operated by Paul J. Stormberg, inked a historic deal in which the latter acquired the exclusive publishing and limited licensing rights to Robert J. Kuntz’s published and unpublished RPG titles. The far-ranging agreement includes the right to develop OSRICTM System RPG materials from Kuntz’s extensive original GREYHAWK CASTLE® levels used in play-testing the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® game.

Mr. Kuntz has reserved select titles and projects related to his WORLD OF KALIBRUHNTM and Castle El Raja Key for development as CRPG offerings or as future print releases under OSRICTM System or other systems.

Mr. Kuntz states that he, “Sees no better outlet for the curation, development and promulgation of his RPG literary works than through Paul Stormberg and his companies TLB GAMES and LEGENDS OF ROLEPLAYING.”

The agreement includes hands on consulting from the RJK Estate regarding his thousands of pages of manuscripts, project notes, art, and maps.

Our first release, LR1 Beyond the Living Room will be available January 31st, 12 Noon (GMT-6) when the LEGENDS OF ROLEPLAYINGTM website goes live (

You can see news and updates before then on our Facebook page, LEGENDS OF ROLEPLAYINGTM.

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