Legends of RoleplayingTM  and Gary Con would like to announce an ongoing series of events at Gary Con paying special attention to the early days of war gaming leading up to the introduction of Dungeons & Dragons®. The events are gathered under the aegis: Legends of WargamingTM.

These time capsule events bring Gary Con attendees the classic board and miniature wargames that were a staple during the early days of the Lake Geneva Tactical Studies Association (LGTSA), International Federation of Wargaming (IFW), Castle & Crusade Society, Midwest Military Simulation Association (MMSA), and Gen Con. Each event will present the history of the game and its significance to the hobby of war gaming, board gaming, and even role-playing games. The original rules, vintage figures, and authentic accessories will be used during play. When possible, the events will involve individuals who played, refereed, and authored the games along side Gary Gygax and his friends during this golden age of miniature and board gaming.

This is your chance to experience what it was like to play these games at the earliest Gen Cons and Gary Gygax’s own dining table and basement sand table in Lake Geneva!

The games will be taught and refereed so interest is all that is required by players. Even if you don’t sign up to play be sure to stop by to view the displays, ask questions, and watch the fun of classic board and miniature gaming!

If you wish to register ahead of time just click on Legends of Wargaming to find our complete list of events!

Be Legend!

Become a Legends of Wargaming Game Master!

Each year, Legends of Wargaming sponsors and selects dozens and dozens of events to gather under our banner. Currently we are seeking new Game Masters to teach and demonstrate just about any 1989 or earlier board or war game.

Oftentimes our referees come up with new twists on the theme and use the old rules and even vintage equipment to conduct novel new games, so let your imagination run wild! Contact us at adventures@legendsofroleplaying.com if you are interested in being a part of this phenomenal program!