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LR6 Discovery of the Unknown by Mike Carr and Paul J. Stormberg

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LR6 Discovery of the Unknown by Mike Carr and Paul J. Stormberg

Some years ago your band of adventurers discovered the deserted secret lair of a pair of famous local personages, a mighty warrior and a powerful wizard. The duo had disappeared along with their henchmen more than three decades before, making a foray into the lands of the northern barbarians for some unknown venture.

But new rumors have arisen, a cache of treasure, beyond the northern hills and mountains, possibly placed there by the pair themselves decades past. Some of the tales indicate it is a great tomb. Others indicate the place is called Wahpeton or "White Hill".

Could it be true? Could this be the final resting place of these powerful figures? Could it be the location of their long lost treasure trove? 

This module was originally used as the LEGENDS OF ROLEPLAYINGTM tournament at Gary Con XI in 2019! This version has been revised and greatly expanded. Included herein are background information for players, Game Master notes, maps, keys, and original tournament characters. It can be used as a stand alone adventure or inserted into your ongoing campaign.

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